Petrol Diesel and Gas cylinder prices fall in_2023

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Friends, for your information, let us inform you that Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman has introduced a new price range in which the costs of many matters have been changed, so good day friends, welcome to this new article, friends. In the modern-day article, we are going to supply you with entire records about the rate of LPG and diesel, so all of you study this article until the quit so that all your pals can get records about the fee of LPG.

Friends, you recognize that the charge for gasoline is growing day using day, and quickly a new choice of the authorities will be taken in this regard so that you can simply comprehend what will be the fee of gasoline now. Jani gasoline is now reachable for ₹1100, gasoline is handy in all cities and locations at distinctive prices, it is being stated that the authorities may also quickly see a drastic reduction in the expenses of fuel cylinders.

Price of Petrol Diesel and Gas Cylinders

Talking about petrol, now the fee for petrol in Bihar has reached ₹ one hundred and speaking about the charge for diesel, the rate of diesel in Bihar has come to be ₹ a hundred and ten The fee for petrol and diesel is anticipated to make bigger very soon, perhaps 70 to eighty be between Rs. If you additionally favor seeing a big drop in the fees of gasoline and petrol, diesel, then you all will get to see a new replacement soon. It is being stated that the authorities are making some foremost updates, in particular for petrol and diesel, as the public is about to get some relief.

Price of LPG cylinder petrol diesel ?

As you all understand that these days there is a want to enhance petrol and fuel in everyone’s homes, the authorities are taking benefit of this and seeing that quickly the LPG costs will go up, growing the prices. A choice will be taken. In this regard, the fee for cylinder gasoline and petrol-diesel gasoline may additionally be very low, so some distance no professional announcement has been made, however by sources, there are reviews of extend in the charge of cylinder fuel in the close future.

The price of commercial gas cylinder

  1. The commercial LPG cylinder price is Rs 1,769 in Delhi.
  2. The new cost of a commercial LPG cylinder in Kolkata is Rs 1,870.
  3. A commercial LPG cylinder costs Rs 1,721 in Mumbai.
  4. prices of new commercial LPG cylinders in Chennai was Rs 1,917 per cylinder.

The price of gas cylinder for domestic gas cylinder

  1. The prices of domestic LPG gas in Delhi is Rs. 1053
  2. The price of domestic LPG cylinders in Kolkata is Rs 1079
  3. The cost of LPG cylinder in Mumbai is Rs 1052.50
  4. The cost of a domestic LPG cylinder in Chennai is Rs 1068.50


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