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Google Marketing Live Summary | Latest Innovations

Google Marketing Live
Google Marketing Live 2019 - Summary

Google Marketing Live 2019 – Summary

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Google has always been building cutting edge products. This year’s Google Marketing Live 2019 unveiled the latest innovations by Google. These innovations would be an integral part of Google Ads in the latter part of this year. As an advertiser or as a marketing aficionado, reading this blog would be an absolute must! I’ve summarized the entire Google Marketing Live 2019 (It was an arduous 3-hour watch). These innovations will simply blow your mind.


Read on!

Google Marketing Live 2019 - Summary

Our interaction with smart devices is becoming more natural.  

Machine learning is developing rapidly, take for an example, about 3 years ago, Google Assistant could barely check the temperature, set a kitchen timer, or search the web. But today, Google Assistant can reserve a car for you, get a table at your favorite restaurant, and pick the best vacation photos based on advanced image recognition technology.

Point a camera at an object or a being and get the entire information about it on Google. Point a camera at signboards or texts in foreign languages and see the translation on your mobile screen. In order to achieve the above, Google uses language processing, computer vision and mobile search integration.

What are current consumers’ demands?

  • Consumers want robust insights on what could be the path to a conversion look like? Or which customers are most valuable to a given business?
  • Consumers want ways to plan by a given customers’ persona, rather than by a given channel
  • Consumers want more ways to test and tell a story using assists that they already have
  • Consumers want more ways to measure impact without compromising the users’ privacy

What has Google done to address the consumers’ demands?

Google plans to help consumers in a privacy-sensitive manner.

Heavy investments are being made on Google Analytics and Ads Data Hub, which have privacy embedded to its core. Further,  Google has built a hundred thousand square foot “Sandbox to demo their latest innovations (keeping the above-mentioned consumers’ wants in mind).

Introducing Discovery ads!

Google Marketing Live 2019 - Summary

What are Discovery Ads?

  • A new way to reach people across Google properties in the moments theyʼre most likely open to discovering your products and services. Discovery Ads fit into one simple, easy to access campaign type
  • Discovery Ads are meant to meet the consumers’ expectations for personalization & relevance at a large scale
  • Discovery Ads will be available worldwide later this year (2019)
  • Discovery Ads have an unmatched reach YouTube home feed, G-mail promotions tab, and the Google feed
  • Discovery Ads allow the advertisers to showcase brands or products using swipeable image carousel along with additional information to drive action. Machine learning will do the rest
  • Combining the reach and the rich creatives, Discovery Ads are poised to deliver exceptional results

Case Study: TechStyle

    • TechStyle is one of the early adopters of  Discovery Ads, the said company currently has about 5 million members
    • Discovery Ads have helped TechStyle by trimming the cost per lead by 25%  on an average as compared to similar channels according to Chief Media Officer – Laura Joukovski

Introducing Gallery Ads!

Google Marketing Live 2019 - Summary

What are Gallery Ads?

Gallery Ads help the advertisers in showcasing their offerings with compelling images and texts on the SERP

  • Gallery Ads are located on top of the SERP
  • Gallery Ads contain a scroll-able image gallery, text headline at the top, and a tagline beneath each image. As people scroll through the ad, the headline will always remain visible. You can tap on any image to reach directly to the respective website
  • Gallery Ads help advertisers with greater brand awareness and extensive reach in fewer taps
  • Gallery Ads contain 4-8 images, 70 character tagline & up to 3 headlines, for the purpose of testing different CTAs

Introducing Smart Bidding!


What is Smart Bidding?

Smart Bidding applies the power of machine learning to deliver the best & the most relevant ad right when the customers are looking for what advertisers have to offer. 

  • The newest way to maximize the impact of your campaigns for Smart Bidding in search ads is introduced as “Maximize Conversion value
  • MCV provides flexibility to optimize whatʼs most important for your business 
  • Smart bidding can now optimize the store visit conversions for Search Ads
  • Since you have more insights to your business, you can now use that to tell Google as to what’s most important for your business
  • 3 new ways have been introduced – 1) Campaign level conversions 2) Conversion action set 3) Conversion value rules 
  • Seasonality adjustments can be made to the campaigns

Introducing Bumper Machine!

Google Marketing Live 2019 - Summary | Latest Innovations

What is Bumper Machine?

The bumper machine directly generates 6-second Bumper Ads in the Google Ads platform. It has no additional production cost. 


  • Give a link to one of your YouTube videos that is under 90 seconds & then within a few minutes Google will create 3-4 different 6-second ads, you can later edit the audio and visual elements in those ads
  • This process is possible with the use of Machine Learning
  • Machine Learning will see the motion, contrast, logos, packaging, face and other brand elements from the video link you submit

Introducing the Audience Expansion Tool!

Google Marketing Live 2019 - Summary | Latest Innovations

What is the Audience Expansion Tool?

  • Audience Expansion Tool helps you find more people like the ones in your select audiences 
  • Results of audience expansion after several tests were found to generate 50% more conversions for the same investment
  • Deep linking capabilities in Google Ads will be introduced later this year, to help people engage with your brand, however, they want to
  • Google has also introduced Custom Audiences. Advertisers are required to describe their custom audience in a few words, Google will prompt you with keywords and more, then this will show you the insights of your custom audiences even before youʼve selected them. This custom audience can be saved and used on various other platforms like Gmail, YouTube, Discovery and Display campaigns “Advertising has to work for everyone”

Google Shopping Innovations – 

Google Marketing Live 2019 - Summary | Latest Innovations
  • People can search for millions of products and then decide whether topurchase online from the website or in stores or purchase directly from retailers on Google 
  • People can buy products by voice or touch screen, or directly in Google search when it’s relevant to the query. Users can also buy products directly on YouTube from the video while it is still playing
  • Showcase Shopping Ads have been introduced which can be used when users are looking for inspirational ideas
  • Google has extended Showcase Shopping Ads on Google images, YouTube and on Google search
  • Google has also introduced Local campaigns that guide the customers to the nearby stores/locations with Google search. Local campaigns are currently being used by Dunkinʼ Donuts
  • Local campaigns are now expanding to Search, Google maps, and Promoted pins

What’s new on the Measurement Font?

  • To measure the impact of deep linking on your business, App conversion reporting will be introduced in the Google Analytics for Firebase
  • To measure the impact of campaigns, users need to use Google web tracking and have deep linking enabled, Google will support both Universal links (iOS) and App links (Android)

How about Privacy?

  • Users can block or clear third party cookies without degrading their browser experience
  • If the users have restricted the use of cookies, then the advertisers wouldn’t be able to personalize the ads for them, however, the advertisers are allowed to use contextual ads by checking the context of the web page being browsed. All with the help of Machine learning
WOW! These are amazing innovations. And if you have made it till the end, you’re awesome. Hope you share this information with your peers! Sharing is caring. Until next time.


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