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Unveiled: 5 Crucial SEO Secrets | Free Actionable Hacks Included

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Unveiled: 5 Crucial SEO Secrets | Free Actionable Hacks Included

Unveiled: 5 Crucial SEO Secrets | Free Actionable Hacks Included

Digital Marketing revolves around SEO. Is SEO simple? It is if you know the SEO secrets. Digital Marketers have been trying hard to find ways to boost their traffic and rank their websites at the very top of the SERP. Very few have been able to do this. The reason why most of the marketers fail is that they aren’t looking hard enough. These secrets are hiding in plain sight.  Without any further ado, here are 5  SEO secrets that haven’t been shared before. I’m passing on this information to you guys, and I hope that you make damn good use of it.

Read on!

SECRET 1: Content Gaps Identify the keywords for which your competitor is ranking and you aren’t, implement those keywords in your website content


Now, how do you do this? Follow the steps given below,

Step 1: Click on this awesome tool – Ubersuggest

Step 2: In the left-hand panel click on “Keywords” (As shown in the screenshot)

Step 3: Enter the URL of your competitor’s website

Step 4: Identify the keywords for which the given website is consistently ranking (I’ve done the keyword research for

Unveiled: 5 Crucial SEO Secrets | Free Actionable Hacks Included

Step 5: Now punch in the name of your blog/website and compare the results, also identify the keywords (For which your competitor is ranking) that could be implemented in your blog/website’s content

Unveiled: 5 Crucial SEO Secrets | Free Actionable Hacks Included

Step 6: Boom! You would start to see a steady rise in your website traffic since you’re leveraging the recently researched keywords in your content

SECRET 2: Find Interlinking Opportunities – Use Google Search Console, interlink to the pages that are doing well


Most of the SEO specialists do not focus on this crucial aspect – INTERLINKING. Follow the given steps and see a spike in your traffic.

Step 1: Visit Google Search Console. (Do submit your website on GSC before you proceed with the next steps)

Step 2: On the left panel click on the option Performance ⇒ Pages

Step 3: Figure out the top-performing pages

Step 4: Ensure you link these pages (The ones listed in the box). Have an anchor link to connect these popular pages with each other

Unveiled: 5 Crucial SEO Secrets | Free Actionable Hacks Included

Step 5: The web-pages in the box are the best-performing pages of my blog. And the best part? They are all linked

Step 6: BOOM! The traffic spikes. You can see the movement of traffic across these pages which is a great SEO indicator since the movement of traffic across popular pages increases dwell time and reduces the bounce rate

Further, I’ve written another blog on how to build “back-links” FAST. Click here.

SECRET 3: Use the Google Search Console to identify the keywords that are receiving lots of clicks, then try finding out the long tail versions of the same keywords and then implement them on your website’s content


Most SEOs are oblivious about this open secret to grow your organic traffic. How do you do this? Follow the given steps-

Step 1: Visit Google Search Console

Step 2: On the left panel click on the option Performance ⇒ Queries

Step 3: Identify the top-performing keywords (The keywords for which you receive a lot of clicks)

Unveiled: 5 Crucial SEO Secrets | Free Actionable Hacks Included

Step 4: Now find the long-tail version of the given keywords. How? Visit Google, enter the keywords that you have picked from the GSC and then pluck the keyword suggestions (long-tail) from the Google suggestions (As shown below)

Step 5: There is one keyword that is really performing well for my blog ⇒ Leadership Mantra. I’ve looked for the long-tail keywords for the same

Step 6: Implement the long tail variations of the keywords on your existing content

Step 7: BOOM! The traffic spikes organically

SECRET 4: You got to be consistent with your content and blogging or you lose your traffic


Google loves consistent bloggers and usually ranks its website on the SERP for relevant search queries. If you’re a content marketer and blogging is your niche, then you need to create great quality content.

Let’s look at a scenario where you were driving healthy traffic on your blog and you suddenly dropped creating new content consistently. Here’s what you’re going to see on your Google Analytics dashboard –

Unveiled: 5 Crucial SEO Secrets | Free Actionable Hacks Included

Disheartening red figures.

As you may see there is a significant drop in the number of new users to your blog which is a negative SEO indicator. There is no rule of thumb when it comes to the frequency of producing content. But as per my experience producing at least 2 high-quality blogs in a week would fetch you tremendous results. You may tweak your consistency as per your own convenience as well.

But the bottom line remains the same – YOU GOT TO BE CONSISTENT.

 SECRET 5: Build a pillar page. Create a topic and have several sub-topic clusters around it

Here’s what I did, I created a blog called – Power of Content Marketing, and around this blog, I created several topic clusters like Power of Content Marketing Part 2, & Content Marketing Strategies 2019.

Why did I do this? And what purpose did it serve? 

Unveiled: 5 Crucial SEO Secrets | Free Actionable Hacks Included

According to, search engine results page (SERP) algorithms are much better today at finding the best possible answers to searches by moving away from exact keyword matching. Most of this has come through penalizing pages that have too many irrelevant internal links, understanding that conversational searches encompass one thought rather than just individual keywords, and using artificial intelligence (AI) to interpret what specific terms might mean.


There are 3 compelling reasons for using content pillar pages that have topic clusters around them linking to the main content pillar page.


1) It helps in organizing your content on your blog. (All of my content marketing blogs are interlinked)


2) The search engines better understand the context of your content because of your supporting topic cluster pages also called the pillars


3) It boosts your visibility,  web authority, and SERP ranking. Killer! isn’t it?


Your blog could have multiple topic clusters and multiple pillar pages. This is a foolproof technique of increasing the PA and DA of your website. 

You only need to ensure one very important aspect, i.e., the topic should be wide enough to have at-least 20 topic clusters around it. 



Implement these recommendations and see your traffic grow organically. 

Thank me later. 😉
That’s it folks, hope you had a good read.

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