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A Brief Introduction to Habit-Forming Product Design!

Habit-Forming Product Design!

A Brief Introduction to Habit-Forming Product Design!


Reading Time: 3 Mins.

The world revolves around an awesome product, but is your product good enough? Well, the sales of your product are a great indicator of whether your product is good or not. All product managers face stiff competition from the market leaders. Facebook is not the ONLY social network platform, but it is definitely the most used Social Media platform. Coke is not the ONLY soda beverage out there but it’s the most consumed drink across the globe after water.

There is an interesting question that you might ask, how do companies become the market leaders and stay at that position for eternity?

The only way to win the market is to make your product a habit-forming one, else it will not survive the market onslaught. I’ve illustrated how to get your audience hooked to your product in my earlier blog. Have a look here.

A Brief Introduction to Habit-Forming Product Design is written to help the budding designers of habit-forming products assess the morality behind the seductive product designs.

Let me ask you a question before you begin reading the blog, Are you a  facilitator, peddler, entertainer, or dealer? 


Read on!


What are the obvious reasons for “Product Failures?”

What are the obvious reasons for "Product Failures?"


• Low Adoption: People just aren’t using the service. Maybe it’s an enterprise app that only 10 percent of employees are using. Maybe it’s a startup with few active users. Crass!

• Too Few Registered Users: Your measure of success is sign-ups or registered users, but people aren’t even doing this. Damn!

• No Differentiation From the Competition: You’re in a crowded space and the differences between your product and others are too subtle. Oops! 

• Very few Referrals: People just aren’t interested in telling their friends about you. Sob!

• No clickthroughs on e-mail campaigns. Ugh!

I could go on, but you get the idea. If your product could speak for itself, it might say: “I’m a great product, if people would just get to know me.”

As a Product Developer, you got to fit in one of the given options below –

Now comes the interesting part! 

What are the obvious reasons for "Product Failures?"


– Are you a Facilitator? A facilitator uses their own product and believes it can materially improve people’s lives. They have the highest chance of success because they most closely understand the needs of their users. There is simply no substitute for adding value to the lives of people through your product. Value-driven products often become a part of the audiences’ lives, a sure-shot way of making your product extremely popular and successful. When you use the product yourself, you actually identify the true value of it, and propagating the values through marketing becomes easy for the product managers. There is a lot of authenticity behind marketing.


What are the obvious reasons for "Product Failures?"

–  Are you a Peddler? Peddlers believe their product can materially improve people’s lives, but do not use it themselves. They must beware of the hubris and inauthenticity that comes from building solutions for people they do not understand. Recommending your products through marketing becomes an arduous task since you have no clue about the sort of value the product adds to your life or the value it might add to your prospective clients. Most of the product managers and marketers of large corporations are usually peddlers; peddlers of lies.



What are the obvious reasons for "Product Failures?"

– Are you an Entertainer? Entertainers use their product, but do not believe it can improve people’s lives. They can be successful, but without making the lives of others better in some way, the entertainer’s products often lack staying power. Connect through entertainment is the way to do it in 2019, The viral App – Tik Tok, adds no value to people’s lives but is extremely popular. Over 1,11,20,066 ratings and over 500 Millions downloads. This what entertainment does! Woosh.


So where do you fit in? Punch in your comments below.

Your product says a million things about your company and your company’s value system. Quoting verbatim, Steve Jobs rightly says, “Marketing is about values.” and products usually propagate the value system in the market. Product design is the most crucial aspect of the company, everything else comes later. Habit-forming products are the need of the hour. 

That’s it folks, hope you a good time reading the blog. Do share it with your peers.



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