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Offline Marketing + Online Marketing = Magic

Offline Marketing + Online Marketing = Magic

Offline Marketing + Online Marketing = Magic

Intrigued to know what happens when online meets offline, style meets substance, and machine-to-machine meets human-to-human? Read on.

In the modern world of internet marketing, is offline marketing still relevant? Or is offline marketing an antiquated term? What should you choose as your primary mode of marketing, online or offline? This blog is an answer to the above questions. This blog also gives you 3 working strategies that combine online as well as offline marketing.

Let us first understand the various facets of online and offline marketing. Refer to the picture below.

various facets of Online and Offline Marketing.

Marketers should aim to combine the best of both worlds—the immediacy of online channels and the intimacy of offline channels. To effectively do this, marketers should focus on the touch-points and channels that really matter and engage employees in the organization to support the multichannel marketing strategy.

“People spend a huge amount of time online!” And that’s true. People do spend a good bit of time online. Close to two hours a day by some estimates. But we forget that people also spend a lot of time offline. More than eight times as much, in fact. And that creates a lot more time for offline conversations.

Listed below are three amazing strategies that you could employ –

  1.  SoLoMo (social, location, and mobile) –  Successful branded apps often have collaboration and sharing features (social), location-based functionalities (location), and on-the-go capabilities (mobile). Check-ins on Social Media are to be rewarded. If you’re marketing an app, use the SoLoMo technique to your advantage.
  2. Do Tesco – Tesco ingeniously launched a virtual market place where the offline interactions with posters of household groceries could be translated into online orders just by scanning the QR code present on these posters. An ingenious way of combining offline and the online world. Replicate this strategy for your business and find skyrocketing success. Find out more over here.
  3. Email to the Feels – The tried and tested Email Marketing can never disappoint you if done right. If you’ve had an interaction with your client, or the client has recently purchased something from your offline store, send him a personalized “Thank you for shopping with us!” e-mail. This builds an intimate rapport with your clients, and the clients love these warm gestures. Read about an ingenious Email Marketing case study here.

New age marketers need to convert data to drama and offline interactions to online sales. Catch your clients on the move, target them everywhere!


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